NEW!!! A range of Greetings Cards of my digital art designs.
Available to personalise and buy from Doodle-Doo

Question:What does this photographer do on her days off? Answer: Take more photos of course!!

Even though I take loads of pictures for my lovely clients on a daily basis, you'll still find me clicking away when I'm out and about on high days and holidays!
I just can't help myself. Then I guess most of us love taking as many pictures as possible these days.

I'm always on the lookout for beautiful places and unusual scenes to photograph in our green and pleasant land.

These days smartphone technology has spoilt us: there's always a camera to hand, and with the quality getting better all the time there's no longer the need to lug around hefty SLRs when out for the day.
Thank goodness!

My love of creativity comes into play afterwards ... yes, more fun starts when I'm back at my computer transforming my images into arty pieces. I just adore experimenting with various software and apps to see what transpires!

Whilst this side of my taking pictures has always been an enjoyable hobby for my personal gratification and learning, positive feedback coming my way from folk who have happened to see some of them, made me think that maybe my designs might prove popular as greetings cards.

Therefore I'm over the moon to announce that you can now buy some of my designs as greetings cards from Doodle-Doo
And what's more, a percentage of sales go to charity too - you can select one from a list when you checkout.

This is the initial range - bright and colourful is where I'm heading!!! I'll be adding more designs as and when I have them ready.

If my designs aren't quite your thing, Doodle-Doo have a huge range of beautiful and unusual cards by other very talented artists and photographers so please do take a look at their website!
Please note, greetings card orders are all handled directly by DoodleDoo via their website.