Directions in pictures!

03rd February 2013
Lots of people have trouble finding us, once on the Abbey Park Industrial Estate, as we're a little bit tucked away in the Basepoint Centre - otherwise known as the Enterprise Centre.

I've taken a few snapshots to help you on your way once you come in from the Luzborough pub roundabout. Hopefully it will make life a bit easier for you and save you driving up and down Premier Way wondering where on earth we are!

The key thing to look out for is the LETTERBOX on the right hand side of the road as you go round the first bend - there is a sign above it pointing to "Enterprise Centre".

Turn left directly opposite the letterbox and you will see the Basepoint Centre Gates Directly ahead of you - drive through the gates and keep going straight - we're at number 45.

We are not based at the studio all the time as our work takes us all over the place so please arrange an appointment first as we don't want you to have a wasted journey.

Hope this helps ....