Which sessions will take place in the Studio?
The studio space is perfect for:

Newborn/baby/toddler shoots;
Small single family ie mum/dad and their own offspring
Teen party shoots up to about 5
Adult only shoots up to about 5
You are welcome to bring your pet dog
Portfolio/Model shoots

For all other sessions and group shoots I will do at an outdoor location of your choice, within about a 20 mile or so radius of Chandlers Ford, maybe the New Forest, local woodland area, or in your back garden if you so wish. Outdoor shoots are always great fun, children love having the freedom to race around!

Do you do weekends and evening photoshoots?
I do morning shoots on Sundays and some Saturdays, latest shoot is 11.45am at weekends. My latest shoot on a weekday is 4pm. I would suggest a morning session for babies and young children as from experience this works best.

Is there a session fee?
Not if you come in on a Sunday morning studio shoot or an outdoor shoot any day of the week!!
That's right, there's NO session fee for Sunday morning shoots nor for outdoor shoots on any day at a mutually agreed location within about a 20 mile radius of Chandlers Ford. An electronic booking form will be emailed for you to sign and return at the time of booking for Sunday studio shoots to secure your slot.

For studio sessions on other days a booking fee of £15 will be payable within 24 hours of provisionally booking in order to secure your slot. An electronic booking form will be emailed for you to sign and return with your booking fee As soon as possible Unfortunately your slot cannot be confirmed until this is received.

Are there any cancellation/postponement charges?
There is no cancellation/postponement charge for Sunday morning studio slots nor for outdoor location shoots on any day of the week.

For studio photoshoots on weekdays and Saturdays there is a £15 booking fee payable to secure your slot. The booking fee is non-refundable if you cancel or postpone within 72 hours of your booking time, or if you don't turn up on the day.

How long will my shoot take?
Photoshoots are approximately 45/50 minutes. Sunday morning sessions can be a little longer, so ideal for newborn sessions where a little extra time may be necessary to allow for feeds and changes, or party shoots.

What’s the best thing to wear?
Good bright colours, which stand out brilliantly against the white backdrop – and comfy clothes like jeans and t-shirts look good. Too much black and brown can look a bit gloomy (I feel)- reds, blues, greens, purples orange, yellows are perfect!! Although whatever you feel happiest in is fine - try and co-ordinate colours with each other if possible.

NO WHITE If possible please and preferably not pastels or strong patterns – the brighter the colours, the better!

Can we bring a change of clothes?
Please do, although studio time is limited so one change is perfect! However, if you wish to bring more changes of outfits please book in for a Sunday morning session as more time can be allowed.

What about hats and things?
By all means! Not to mention scarfs, sunglasses, umbrellas - whatever you like to ring the changes in your shoot.

We’re bringing our school-aged children for a family portrait session. What does the shoot entail?
Fun! Fun – and more Fun!! There are beanbags, balloons and bubbles and more besides – I don’t use the props in all the photos of course, but it’s a great way to get everyone relaxed that’s for sure!

Our two year old is a bit boisterous and won’t sit in one place for long …
Don't worry, I would never try to make a two year old do anything they don't want to! Balloons, bubbles, toys and even the odd chocolate (with mum/dad’s permission) are (usually!) great ways to grab a two year old’s attention and allow me to get some wonderful natural shots. I keep all these in the studio and of course bring along any favourite toys to help make them feel at home! The most important thing is to keep calm and relaxed and just go with the flow! 2 year old tantrums and all - from out of the chaos comes great pictures!!

My 3 month old baby always smiles at home!
Of course - but, unlike older babies who you can make laugh, 3 month olds are often so fascinated by the unfamiliar surroundings they forget to smile and don't always giggle to order! Best to have as few distractions as possible for this age group - either mum or dad (not both at once) getting their attention and playing with them with a favourite toy or sing them their favourite song.

I’d like to bring a large family group, there are young children and our elderly grandparents too and we’d also like some individual shots of each family. Is this OK?
Yes, although not in the studio - this type of shoot I will do in the great outdoors ... a location of your choice such as the New Forest or in your back garden if it's easier for all concerned.

Is there disabled access?
Sadly, no. The studio is on the first floor and there is no lift. However I'm more than happy to photograph in an outdoor location if that's convenient for you.

I thought it would be a great idea to bring a group of friends for a photoshoot for my 16th birthday – will it cost anything and how many friends can I invite?
Our birthday shoots are very popular! There is a £15 booking fee for weekdays and Saturday morning studio photo sessions, but NO BOOKING FEE for Sunday morning photoshoots - and I can allow more time on a Sunday morning which is perfect for party shoots! You can forward your Gallery to your friends afterwards if you like so they can look at all the photos and if they wish to buy can order directly. Bring along party balloons, banners, changes of clothes, party hats – there'll be giggles galore!!

Maximum of 5 including yourself.

Can we bring our poodle?
Dogs are welcome as long as I know in advance. Don't forget to bring some doggie treats!


After your shoot, my aim is to make things as convenient as possible for you! Hopefully you'll find the answer to any questions that spring to mind here - but please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything you're unsure about

Do we have to come back and view our photos?
No, no, no!!! Pressurised viewings aren't my idea of fun and I'm guessing not yours either! I'll email you your private Gallery to view your photos in the comfort of your own home. Of course if you wish to arrange to see your pictures on my Ipad, no problem, please get in touch and we'll arrange a time and I will come to your home.

How soon after our photoshoot will that be?
After your shoot I'll get to work on your portfolio as soon as possible and usually you'll receive your Gallery within a few days. If it is likely to be slightly longer due to workload I will let you know at the time.

How do I access my photos?
Just click on the link in your email and you'll be taken directly to your Gallery. Full information on how to order etc will be sent with your Gallery.

Can I forward my Gallery to my friends and relatives?
By all means - just forward on your email on to whosoever you may wish and if they want to buy anything they are welcome to order direct.

Can I set up a folder for my Shortlisted photos to help me choose?
Indeed! There's a FAVOURITES folder in your Gallery, just hit the star beneath any image you wish to add to it, enter your email address, and then you will be able to see all your shortlisted pictures in one place to make choosing easier.

How long will my Gallery be online?
Your online Gallery and early order offers will expire after 21 days. Hopefully this will allow you plenty of time to choose, after this time it will be possible to arrange a time to come to the studio to choose and order your pictures at the regular prices.

Can my Gallery be online for longer?
The webspace is at a premium and I have to delete portfolios on a regular basis so there is enough room to upload new portfolios. So I may not always be able to extend the time your portfolio is online however you are welcome to make an appointment to view and choose your photos in the studio at a later date.

How do I view my photos?
You can click on any image to enlarge and then scroll through the photos using the arrow keys. Also you will see an option to view your gallery as a slideshow.

How do I place an order?
Full details will be included with your Gallery as to ordering and payment options. Payment can be online at the time of order by credit/debit card or Paypal; by bank transfer; and in some cases, depending on your order and for local customers, by cash (not cheque) on delivery. Unfortunately I'm unable to accept cheque payments.

When can I expect my photos?
Usually prints take about 7-14 days; and other items 2-3 weeks. I'll keep you posted if there is likely to be a delay.

Do I need to collect my photos?
No need, if you're reasonably local we'll deliver to you free of charge - usually during the evening or at a weekend. Should it be necessary to post items, as in the case where perhaps friends and relatives you've forwarded the link to have ordered and live further away, I may need to charge postage and packing, depending on the size of the order.

Can I order my photos at a later date?
I'll do everything possible to keep your photos backed up and safe so please feel free to contact me if you wish to reorder any later on. However as we all know, technology can let us down sometimes so if there are any pictures you especially love, I recommend ordering them as soon as you can, just in case!

Please Note: All photos remain the copyright of Romsey Fotografix at all times. Photos purchased as prints and in photobooks etc remain the copyright of ROMSEY FOTOGRAFIX and as such should not be copied or reproduced in any way without the express permission of Romsey Fotografix. Also uploading our images onto Facebook, Myspace, BEBO or other websites is strictly forbidden, (even with the Romsey Fotografix copyright wording across), unless the digital version of that image or images has been purchased or you have the written permission of Romsey Fotografix.