14th March 2013

This morning Lee and I decided to at last make use of a Groupon deal he'd been given at Christmas - breakfast for two at Annie's Place in Kimbridge. First chance we'd had since then to take advantage of it and thought we'd best get a move on as it was due to expire at the end of the month and obviously didn't want it to go to waste.

We arrived a bit early so took a little drive in the lovely morning sunshine to find a few scenic spots to take some pictures, not too tricky - there are some beautiful views around the River test.

Oooh what bliss enjoying the views in the glorious sunshine, despite the nip in the air and albeit for only about half an hour! Great while it lasted, and a good way to start the day before heading back to work!

Here's some of the pics taken on my (aforementioned) Sony Cyber-Shot, love this teeny weeny camera, never leave home without it now.

ps breakfast was good too!